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Ideal Engineering Systems Co. is a pioneer name in the field of air conditioning in Jordan ,founded in 2002 with a target of being one of mainsuppliers of air conditioning equipment and being different than others by employing high engineering added value with absolute commitment to provide clients with latest and updated technology while providing our clients with superior quality , energy saving and environmental friendly products and endeavor our total customer satisfaction .

As a part of Ideal Group of Companies which include sister companies specialized in Control, BMS, Home Automation, Security , Electrical Control, Wiring Accessories & Power Panels manufacturing , Energy Efficiency Measurement laboratories and Electromechanical Contracting and with the aid of these capabilities and expertise Ideal could be one of the utmost companies who can provide their clients with comprehensive solution to their air conditioning system needs and to provide all in one place service.

Today Ideal Engineering Systems is a business partner to global leaders in air conditioning industry such as LG ,SKM ,PEARL, and other reputable companies from international market .Aiming to grow internationally our products and services have been extended to neighbor countries ,i.e Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Lebanon, And Sudan

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+962 6 553 8640

Meet Our Professional Team Members

Eng.Walid Al-Taweel
General Manager Operations
The University of Jordan-1993
31 Years Experience
Eng.Tariq Al-Omari
General Manager Commercial
The University of Jordan-1992
31 Years Experience
Eng.Mohammed alkhatib
Sales Manager-Distributors
The Hashemite University-2004
Eng.Suleiman Salama
Sales Manager CAC
The University of Jordan-2004 20 Years Experience
Eng.Muhammad Al-Sawy
Sales Application Manager
18 Years Experience
Eng.Ismail Abu Sabra
After Sales Manager
10 Years Experience
Ahmed Al-Yazouri
Administaration & Accounting
11 Years Experience

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Ideal Engineering Systems's Mission is to continue seeking to provide the most innovative integrated solutions that will bring Safety, Comfort, and Ease to the lives of people so we value our skills and experience 99% we hope to be 100 % with your Support.


Expert Technician


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While we are dedicated to creating the ideal service for all customers Our services and products have been installed in many prestigious projects including Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Factories, Shopping Malls, Banks, Office Buildings, Embassies, Power stations and Administrative Buildings served by competent products and precise engineering to provide consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

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